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This memorial website was created in the memory of our son, Alexander Alvarez who was born in Fontana, California on May 19, 2007 and passed away from SIDS on August 29, 2007.  Even though Alex was only with us for 3 1/2 months, he taught us the importance of family and loving eachother. 

Alex was a huge blessing to both his father and I.  He was such a happy baby and that made us happier as a family.  Alex's big brother, Chandler loved him so much that his day would start and end with kissing him.  

Alex loved to go jogging with his father every morning after dropping Chandler off at the bus stop.  He also loved seeing his mama everyday at lunch time and his brother everyday after school.   Alex was the highlight of our lives and words can't express how much Alex meant to us or even how much we're going to miss him.  We will remember him forever.  Alex was our little angel.

Some people only dream of angels,  We got to hold one!


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our sons   / Jen Engel
I am sorry to hear about your son. I also lost my son Vinny. I am also from Missouri too. I have started a support group to help people through miscarriage, and pregnancy & infancy loss.

Let's have the hope that we will see our ...  Continue >>
Angel Alex   / Dominic Anthony's Mommy (passer by )
Your son is so beautiful. Though I haven't lost a son to SIDS I am the proud mother of an angel boy, too. My son, Dominic, was born sleeping 4/2/07. I may not understand you fully, but each day I long for my son as I know you do as well. He looks lik...  Continue >>
Our Angel Babies   / Jennifer Engel (Friend)
Just wanted to let you know that I agree with you. We were blessed to be chosen to have such special babies. I know that God is the master artist and sees the whole picture. Someday we will understand. They now live in heaven with no hurt or pain. We...  Continue >>
My baby, Alex   / Paty Jimenez (mama)
Someone told me you were an angel sent here to save your father.   You were here to teach him how to love again and I believe that you succeeded in doing so.  

One day after you were born, your dad told m...  Continue >>
Condolences  / Ruth Walker (Friend of mom )
My dear Paty and Henry.  I know this is a difficult time and I think of you often.  My thoughts and prayer are with you and all your family.
God Bless you,
The Williams Family of the High Desert  / Guy Williams (Grand Mothers Friend forever!!! )    Read >>
Our Love and Prayers are With You Always  / Lisa Bullen (Friend)    Read >>
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His legacy
Our Beloved Son  
Alex was the most happy, the most beautiful baby ever.  We didn't get to enjoy him for as long as we would have liked but we did enjoy every second that we had with him.  He made our lives feel complete.  It was as though he was always there.  After he was born, I felt like I couldn't believe that I waited this long to have him. 

Alex's father stayed home to take care of him.  He did this because he loved Alex so much that he didn't want anyone else to watch him during the day.  His big brother Chandler, loved him so much.  He would come home everyday from school and say "where's my baby brother" and give him a BIG kiss. No matter how often Chandler kissed him, he rearly cried.  I would come home from work everyday and just love seeing his double chin, fat face.

 Now that he is gone, I feel like something is missing and there is a hole that needs to be filled.  No matter how many days pass, we still hurt as though it just happened yesterday.  We miss him so much it makes our hearts break to know that we will never see him during this lifetime.  I know that we will meet again in heaven, but it's not soon enough.  We love you my darling Alex!!!!!! 
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